Modern and Stylish Hijab Wrap Ideas (for Women with Oval Faces)

          Beauty experts consider the oval face as one of the perfect face shapes, this is probably why almost every hijab wrap goes perfectly with it. Women with oval faces, look no more for modern and stylish hijab wrap ideas, because I got some pretty cool ones for you.

Trials and errors are the key to finding the perfect hijab wrap for your face, so if you want to revamp your hijab wrapping style, my first advice is that you buy several scarf shapes, like squares and rectangles, to start knowing which suits you best.

Consult your friends and family about the newly-tried head scarf wrap; it’s important to ask others to be able to make up your mind about which hijab goes best with your oval face shape!

Women with oval faces, put in mind that you can totally use bandanas under your headscarves, you can even pull it slightly down on your forehead, and then bend or fold the front of the scarf to make your face look less edgy.

Also, messy hijab warps are so trendy right now, and veiled women really like to wear this style because it takes off the burden of wearing pins.

So for a little inspiration, I gathered  photos of hijab wrap ideas for women with oval faces. Scroll down and take a look at them!


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